Friday, May 30, 2008

Poll Results: What is your camp's relationship with its brigade?

71 people responded to the latest poll question, seeing how much interaction there is from camp to brigade. 69% responded that their camp interacted with other camps in their brigade, 64% said their brigade commander had visited their camp in the last year, 52 % said their camp had participated in a brigade-level event (meeting, memorial, etc.), 15% said they know who their brigade commander is, but that commander hasn't visited their camp, 14% said they knew their brigade commander, and he had been to their camp, but their camp had not participated in a brigade-level event, 8% reported that their camp wasn't in a brigade, and 7% said they didn't know who their brigade commander was. While the ideal is for brigade commanders to visit each camp in their brigade once a year, a report of 64% success in that area is a solid start, and the fact that more than 2/3 of camps are interacting with other camps, and more than 1/2 of camps are participating in brigade-level events is also very encouraging. Connectivity is the theme for the brigade level of administration. The brigade commander in most divisions is a voice on the division executive council for his brigade, and brigade commanders are often relied on by division commanders in carrying out projects, and in two-way communications with local camps since many divisions now have more camps than a division commander can physically maintain regular visits and contacts with.