Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bank Ends Our SCV Credit Card Program

The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and the Texas Independent Bank (TIB) have had a mutually beneficial affinity credit card arrangement for the past nine years. TIB has decided to not renew the contract and our business association will terminate on April 30, 2008 which they claim is due to the small number of SCV card holders. TIB further states they are unable to pro­vide the SCV names and addresses of current card holders. The SCV is seeking a new contract with a different bank. If you wish to continue to support the SCV through a new affinity card, please provide your name and address to SCV, P O Box 59, Columbia TN 38502-0059, by email to HYPERLINK "", or phone (800) 380-1896 ext 207. TIB has promised to print a trun­cated version of this information on individual credit card statements during the period 4/15/08 through 5/13/08.