Friday, May 16, 2008

Confederate flag flies over park near Ridgefield

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
By SCOTT HEWITT, Columbian staff writer

RIDGEFIELD — Add another attention grabber to the stretch of Interstate 5 north from Vancouver.

Sure, the Trojan nuclear cooling tower is gone. But the Uncle Sam billboard that’s been trumpeting right-wing messages for decades lives on. There’s Gospodor Monument Park, where statues atop steel-pipe towers memorialize Jesus, Chief Seattle, Mother Teresa and victims of the Holocaust. Closer to home, there’s the palatial Seventh-day Adventist Church headquarters in Ridgefield.

Now add to all that grandiosity two modest flags standing side by side in a tiny private park just south of Ridgefield, on the west side of the freeway, just south of the Gee Creek rest area.

One is the American flag. The other is a Confederate flag that’s sure to cause double takes.

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