Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pre-Convention GEC Meeting at Hot Springs

Condensed Account of GEC meeting of July 22, 2009 at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

1. Invocation, pledge and salute to Confedrate flag given and Charge given by CIC McMichael

2. Minutes of GEC Spring Meeting and the teleconferences (3) which took place over the months since the Spring GEC meeting at Elm Springs were approved.

3. GEC adopted new Roll Of Honor Certificate

4. GEC adopted new Life Membership Certificate which will list the ancestor of the life member in addition to the name of the life member.

5. Division Commander James, of the Texas Division, requested that the GEC approve the use of the SCV Logo on vehicle tags to be issued by the State of Texas. The Division is preparing to file the necessary paperwork to have the State authorize issuance of SCV tags in Texas. The GEC voted to approve the use of the SCV Logo as requested.

6. Adopted Sesquicentennial Society Medal and Membership Certificate.

7. Brief Report was given by past CIC Ron Wilson regarding preparations for the 2010 Reunion to be held in Anderson, South Carolina.

8. Loy Mauch, Chairman of the Hot Springs Reunion Committee, gave a report regarding the preparations for the Hot Springs Reunion.

9. The proposed budget for the next fiscal year was presented to the GEC.

10. The GEC discussed the proposed amendments for the Constitution and Standing Orders to be considered at the Convention.

11. Brief executive session was held.

12. Meeting closed with a prayer and the singing of Dixie!