Friday, July 24, 2009

Hot Springs Convention Report for July 23

Report on the Hot Springs Reunion - Thursday July 23.

Opening ceremonies opened at 8:30 AM by Convention Chairman Loy Mauch and included a musical program and greetings by the Mayor of Hot Springs, the hotel manager, the SUVCW, The United Daughters of the Confederacy, The Children of the Confederacy the Arkansas Division Commander, ATM Commander and the Commander in Chief.

Business began at 10 AM.

1. Adjutant announced that a quroum had been achieved.

2. Convention adopted the Special Rules of Order for the convention.

3. Minutes of the 2008 Convention in Concord, North Carolina were adopted.

4. CIC McMichael discussed the now completed purchase of 8 acres adjacent to the Elm Springs home. This land is situated very close to the home and gives the SCV control of the land in the immediate vincinity of our headquarters.

5. Adjutant in Chief Mark Simpson presented his report to the convention.

6. Executive Director Ben Sewell made a report to the convention and the delegates gave him a standing ovation for the service he has given to the SCV.

7. The proposed SCV budget for the next year was presented to the delegates. It was adopted as presented with a request for additional detail in the future.

8. Lt. CIC Givens presented his report to the convention.

9. Past CIC Ron Wilson spoke to the convention regarding the 2010 general reunion to be held in Anderson, South Carolina. The business meetings will be held at the local convention center with the main hotel to be used will be the Hilton Garden Inn where the room rates are $80.00 per night. Commander Wilson aslo gave a report on the recently concluded Sam Davis Youth Camps and was presented with a cowboy hat by the members of the youth camp held in Texas.

Business concluded just after noon and the body recessed to meet on Friday at 9 AM.