Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Post Convention GEC Meeting

Synopsis of Post Convention GEC meeting held Saturday July 25.

Meeting began at 1:40 PM with pledge, salute and prayer.

1. 14 members present and quorum attained.

2. Discussion of the Hardwick Case in South Carolina. GEC vote to provide financial support to continue the case.

3. GEC voted to establish a Building Fund for a
n SCV office building / museum.

4. GEC voted to create a Heritage Promotion Fund.

5. Executive Director Sewell stated that numerous members had purchased a membership in the Sesquicentennial Society
in the last two days. GEC voted to have Director Sewell creates a payment plan so members could spread the 200 dollar cost to join the society over several payments. Details later.

6. GEC voted to create a Bicentennial Fund to be used for commemorations of the 200 year anniversary of the War For Southern Independence. The monies in this fund will be restricted so they will be available for the bicentennial.

7. Compatriot Philip Davis gave the GEC a report on the 2011 SCV Reunion to be held in Montgomery, Alabama.

8. Texas Division requested free advertising in the Veteran to assist in raising funds for a flag display. GEC voted to give
the Texas Division a full page add in two issues of the Veteran.

9. CIC McMichael announced the Fall GEC meeting would be
held Saturday , October 17 at Elm Springs.

Meeting ended with prayer and the singing of Dixie!