Monday, April 13, 2009

Synopsis of April 7 GEC Teleconference


The following is a synopsis of the meeting of the General Executive Council teleconference held on Tuesday April 7 at 7 PM CST.

1.Meeting began with an opening prayer.

2.Discussion of the McLaren License Plate Case was held. The GEC voted, after a lengthy discussion, not to provide additional funding, but will recommend the Tennessee and Mississippi Divisions use funds generated from the sale of the SCV logo license plates to pay legal costs associated with defending the plates.

3.The CSS Neuse II, located in Kinston NC, was discussed. The operators of the foundation which owns Neuse II requested assistance from the SCV to cover the insurance premiums and debts owed by the Neuse. The GEC voted to provide a grant to cover the cost of insurance for one (1) year and to provide the Neuse II foundation with expertise in fundraising methods with the aim of the foundation raising the funds needed for the operation of the Neuse II.

4.The GEC considered the request from an expelled member to have his appeal heard by the GEC. The GEC voted to deny the request.

5.The GEC voted to accept the offer to purchase an 8 acre parcel of property immediately adjacent to Elm Spring. The negotiations over the property have been going on since approximately 2000. The property will be purchased for 200K. This property extends to the existing fence and tree lines near Elm Springs and gives the SCV control of the access road to the rear of Elm Springs.

6.At the March 28, 2009 GEC meeting the possibility of holding fund raising dinners was discussed. After further investigation and consultation it appears the IRS restrictions on holding raffles make the likelihood of these dinners being successful fundraisers unlikely. No vote was taken on this matter.

7. The meeting was closed with a prayer.

Prepared by:
Chuck Rand
Chief of Staff