Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Confederate Veterans Remembered in Texas


While we have an ongoing Heritage Violation in Auburn, AL I am glad to report that an incident in Texas has been resolved. In Abiliene, TX flags that had been placed on the graves of our honored dead in a city cemetery were removed by the city park department. However, after the SCV spoke with the park department they relized that an error had been made and offered to place the flags on the graves themselves and to place April in the park department Cemetery Procedures Manual that as Confederate History and Heritage Month.

Congratulations to our compatriots in Abilene, TX and also to the park department for quickly recognizing and correcting the effor in a friendly and professional manner. Photos of the cemetery decorated with grave marker flags can be seen in the link below.

Perhaps a rouge city councilman in Auburn, AL could take a lesson from Abiliene?.

Chuck Rand
Chief of Staff