Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Perdue Signs Confederate History and Heritage Month Bill

Gov. Perdue Signs Confederate History and Heritage Bill into Law

Today is a great day in Georgia! Governor Sonny Perdue signed SB27 making it law. This bill, written and supported by Georgia Civil War Commission members that are also SCV members, makes April permanently Confederate History and Heritage Month per state law. Georgia is the first state in the Union to have such legislation. As many people are aware, governors are not required to proclaim April as Confederate History and Heritage Month, and many times do not for one reason or another. In Georgia that will not be an issue no matter what the political allies of the governor has.

I would like to thank Governor Perdue for signing this bill, and for signing proclamations for Robert E. Lee's and Jefferson Davis' bicentennial birthdays declaring the year in each individual's honor. Senator Bulloch, Senator Mullis, Senator Hooks, Senator Balfour, Rep. Benton, Rep. Bearden, Rep. Powell, and Rep. Keown also deserve our thanks as key players in supporting the bill. There are many others that deserve thanks because they supported the bill by their vote, but due to space I will not list them. I would urge each of you to send thank you note to any or all of these individuals.

Deo Vindice!Charles Kelly Barrow
Cmdr, Army of Tennessee
"Focus on the Future Through Honoring the Past"