Saturday, July 19, 2008

Amendments Voting in Concord

The following proposed amendments were defeated by consent:

3 - create inactive member status
4 - amend the disciplinary process
5 - concerning GEC minutes
6 - set fixed day for officer elections
7 - set fixed day for officer elections
8 - concerning minutes

Amendment #2, containing boilerplate dissolution language required by the IRS passed.

Amendment #1, amending the cadet dues and program structure, was referred to a ballot vote on Saturday where it was defeated.

Amendment #9, defining conduct unbecoming and requiring administrative remedies be exhausted before any member file suit against the SCV was referred to the GEC.

Real Daughter Mattie Rice and other family members of Weary Clyburn were given full honors on Friday, receiving an extended ovation from the convention delegates, and the event received very positive coverage on local TV channel 14, and was also covered by a PBS film crew at the convention interviewing SCV leaders about how we view Abraham Lincoln. Mattie took ill after traveling to Concord and was hospitalized, so wasn't able to be at the convention center and graveside memorial service. Please keep Mattie and her family in your prayers.