Saturday, April 14, 2012

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I hope that you read the recent message on the Telegraph concerning the CSA Sesquicentennial Commemorative Coin Collection. Furthermore, I hope that you took notice of the fundraising opportunity made available to all divisions.When you purchase a coin, simply use your division’s promotion code (the two-character postal code for that state). This will earn $12 for your division -- with 3000 coins of each state planned, you can see that this could be quite rewarding.

At the end of my message, you’ll see some information on how to maximize this opportunity for your division.

The Centennial period of 50 years ago was much different than today. It was not unusual to find items paying homage to the people and the states of the Confederacy. Today, it is up to the SCV to offer those unique keepsakes to the public – and this coin series does just that.

So, if you haven’t seen the coins yet, go to and take a look. I’m proud to tell you that this program has the full support and cooperation of the highest level of this organization. You can own a first quality silver coin, pay tribute to our ancestors and help your division earn needed funds as we look to the Sequicentennial and beyond in our responsibilities to defend The Charge.

Above you will find a picture of the icon that has been created and can be used and sent out to anyone that would like to help promote the program. Under the picture of the icon is the code that will be used to add the picture that is a live link. Do not try to capture the picture in this email. Copy and paste the code to your webpage. The web masters maintaining your web pages will know what to do with the code and can modify it if needed.We encourage all Divisions, Camps, and any other websites to place this link on your web pages. Promotion of this project benefits us all.

If you have any questions please send a message to:

R. Michael Givens
Sons of Confederate Veterans