Sunday, April 22, 2012


July 11 - 14, 2012 Murfreesboro, Tennessee

The SCV Awards Manual was last revised in February 2012. All awards will be in accordance with this revised edition. The Awards Manual may be downloaded from the SCV website. Previous editions of the Awards Manual are obsolete. Please read the information below to ensure your award submissions reach the proper judges.

Awards Display:

The SCV Awards Display table will be set-up at the National Convention in Murfreesboro, Tennessee  near the SCV General Headquarters table by noon on Wednesday, July 11, 2012. This is the drop-off   and  pick-up point for all SCV awards at the convention.

Best Camp Award - Tabor Award:

Camps who wish to participate in this competition should print a copy of the entry form from the SCV website or they may request one from GHQ if they have no internet access.

Entry forms should be sent to:

Compatriot David Rentz
Distinguished Camp Competition
2180 Catterton Dr
Charleston SC 29414
Phone: 843-518-7271

All entries should be on the new form approved effective March 19, 2011. Please check and make sure you have the current form. Up-to-date forms are available on the SCV website. Deadline for best camp entry forms is June 15, 2012.

Note: Camps will no longer receive credit for contributions to the Museum of the Confederacy (Richmond) or any subsidy under them such as the Museum of the Confederacy -Appomattox. The MOC’s exhibits have purposely refused in include the Confederate Battle Flag outside the museum. Camps wishing to contribute to a museum which will proudly honor the Confederacy and unequivocally support Confederate History are asked to redirect their contributions to the SCV’s planned new Confederate Museum. Fundraising has now surpassed $400,000 and the national SCV plans to site it with the General Headquarters in Tennessee. Donations should be directed to headquarters and so noted on the camp’s submission forms.

Newsletter Awards:

To ensure that each army has proper representation to be entered in the newsletter competition, four (4) copies of each newsletter issued during the eligibility period must be submitted to the National Awards Committee by June 1, 2012. Eligibility period is the July 2011 issue through  the June 2012 issue of the newsletter. See the Awards Manual at the link below for all details that must accompany the entry. Each member below must receive one of the sets in order for the newsletter to be judged. The fourth set is to be sent to the awards chairman which will be displayed on the SCV Awards Table setup in Murfreesboro.


David Edward Rentz
2180 Catterton Dr
Charleston SC 29414

Camp Newsletter submissions should be sent to the following and a copy to the Chairman:

John Terrell Barringer II
Camp Newsletter/Scrapbook
2131 Agrippas Ct
Eldersburg MD 21784

Dan A McCaskill
Camp Newsletter/Scrapbook
205 Cypress St
Leland MS 38756

Chris Smith
Camp Newsletter/Scrapbook
909 Strong Hwy
El Dorado AR 71730

They may be submitted in PDF format or sent on a CD.

Division Newsletter submissions should be sent to the following and a copy to the Chairman:

Wliam Bushall Jr
Div Newsletter/Historical
10411 Long John Silver
Thonotasassa FL 33592

Jimmy Hill
Div Newsletter/Historical
13476 Wendy Drive
Madison AL 35757

Kyle Sims
Div Newsletter/Historical
1919 Ridgebrook Dr
Arlington TX 76015

Scrapbook and Historical Project Award:

Entries for the scrapbook or historical project awards must be delivered to the awards display table no later than 5:00 PM, Thursday, July 12, 2012.  The display table will be adjacent to the SCV Headquarters table at the Reunion.  No entries will be accepted after that time. Camps must arrange to pick up their entries on Saturday, prior to the dismantling of the Awards Display Table. Entries not picked up will be discarded at the end of the convention. See the Awards Manual for requirements and details for these awards.

Best Website Award:

SCV units interested in competing for the Best Website Award should submit their URL through the link that will be published on the national website’s front page no later than June 1, 2012.

Judging will be performed by experienced webmasters outside the SCV, based on generally recognized criteria for website excellence. Judging will take place at a randomly chosen time between June 10 and July 10, 2012.

Individual Member Awards:

Nominations for individual member awards should be submitted on the form found at the link below by     the Division and Army Commanders, along with a brief statement citing the reason the particular individual should receive the award for which they are nominated. The forms should be sent to Brian Sharp, GHQ Membership Coordinator, at:, and to Chief of Staff Jim Speicher at

The submission form should be used for all submission. The form can be downloaded from the SCV website at The form can be submitted in       MS Word or scanned and sent as a PDF. These are prefered. They can also be sent by mail.

The forms nominating  memebers for awards must be submitted to GHQ no later than May 17, 2012. This will allow time for review, consultation and approval by the Commander in Chief and for the GHQ staff to prepare the awards and include the names in the professionally printed Awards Luncheon Booklet.

Nominations not received by GHQ by the deadline could result in a division’s award recipients not being listed in the Awards Luncheon souvenir booklet. - see this link for complete information about awards.

Presentation of Awards:

Awards winners will be recognized at the Awards Luncheon on Friday, July 13, 2012 or at the Saturday night banquet on July 14, 2012. Please pick up your awards after the luncheon as well as those of men in your camp to take them home with you. This simple process will save the SCV hundreds of dollars of postage expense and enable the staff to process your dues and new memberships more quickly when they return to GHQ.