Thursday, July 28, 2011

Manassas Battlefield Donated by SCV

Sons of Confederate Veterans
Historic Elm Springs, Columbia, TN
Immediate Release

July 23, 2011

Thousands of reenactors have descended on Manassas to recreate the first
major ground battle of the War Between the States.

The authentic reproduction marks the beginning of observances of the
Sesqui-Centennial of America's most devastating war. It will be followed
by hundreds of events during the next four and a half years.

Still at issue is the name of the battle which is known by Union standards
as the Battle of Bull Run. Confederates have always labeled it as First
Manassas. This ties into the contention that still remains between the
two sides. Northerners generally call the war the Civil War. Southerners
call it the War Between the States.

The reenactment is taking place on land near the hallowed ground where the
actual battle took place on July 2l, 1861. The actual battle ground was acquired
by the Sons of Confederate Veterans and donated to the U. S. Park Service
in 1938 as a gift to the American people in honor of the soldiers of both
armies that fought in the historic battle which was won by the

The donation of 130 acres include the Henry Farm and the site of the
Visitors Center. A plaque at the visitors Center describes the donation and land
transfer for thousands of visitors annually.

Included in the transfer agreement is the following: "the strictest
observance of the accuracy and fairness of the markers and monuments and
there will be no development or markers or inscriptions
which detract in any way from the glory due Confederate heroes."

In a special message to all members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans
Commander-in-Chief Michael Givens stated "Let us on this 150th anniversary
of the First Battle of Manassas observe it as a day of consecration."

Now 115 years old the Sons of Confederate Veterans continue its patriotic
mission of education, philanthropy. Its 30,000 members in the United
States and several other nations are dedicated to community service in the
localities where their camps are located.


Contact Information:
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Sons of Confederate Veterans
Gainesville, GA
770 297-4788