Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hate Group (NAACP) Supports Convicted Murderer of Firefigher

Local NAACP protests Confederate flag outside Caddo Courthouse
May 3, 2011

By Tracy Clemons

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Leaders of the Shreveport branch of the NAACP gathered outside the Caddo Parish Courthouse Tuesday morning to protest the presence of the Confederate flag that files there on the front lawn.

The organization is working with the Louisiana Coalition for Alternatives to the Death Penalty and the ACLU to address alleged race discrimination in death penalty trials.

Last week, the ACLU Capital Punishment Project filed an amicus brief in connection with the May 2009 death penalty case of Felton Dorsey, supporting a complaint to the Louisiana Supreme Court that the flag "represents and perpetuates the discriminatory nature of the death penalty in Shreveport."

Dorsey, charged with the first degree murder of retired firefighter Joe Prock, was found guilty and sentenced to the death penalty.

The ACLU will argue the amicus brief before the Louisiana Supreme Court, Royal St, New Orleans, at 2pm on May 9, 2011.