Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grant Request Deadlines


At the Montgomery Convention the GEC will meet. Part of the business of the GEC will be to vote on request for grants for projects sponsored by the SCV. The deadline for submitting a funding request is June 8, 2011. The request must be at GHQ by June 8, 2011. Grant requests should be sent to Executive Director Ben Sewell ( ) and myself, at

To be considered for a grant the requestor must, at a minimum, fill out the grant request form under Forms and Documents on The form can be found at:

Is is prefered that grant requests be submitted by email with the funding request form and any other supporting documents attached to the message. If a requestor wishes to submit a request in hard copy format it must be received at GHQ by June 8, 2011. Requests sent by hard copy should also be mailed, besides to Executive Director Sewell and myself, to ANV Commander Frank Earnest, AOT Commander Tom Strain and ATM Commander Danny Honnoll at their mailing addresses as given on:

The Budget and Finance Committee will meet to discuss the requests soon after they are received on June 8 and questions and needed clarifications about the requests will be addressed to those making requests. The Budget and Finance Committee will hold another meeting, at the Convention in Montgomery, AL, at a time to be announced at the Convention, to make is final recommendations on grant requests. Those requesting funds are encourage to attend this meeting to answer additional questions regarding their request. The Budget and Finance Committee will finalize its recommendations regarding grant requests at this meeting in Montgomery.

The Budget and Finance Committee will present its recommendations to the GEC at the Post Convention GEC meeting on Saturday, July 16. The GEC will vote on the grant requests at this time.

If you have any questions regarding making a grant request please contact me.

I look forward to seeing you at Montgomery.

Chuck Rand
Adjutant In Chief