Monday, April 25, 2011

National Award Nominations Due by May 17, 2011


Due date to remember: MAY 17, 2011.

Individual award nominations are due on the mentioned date. Submission must be submitted utilizing the awards nomination form posted on the National Sons of Confederate Veterans Website in both PDF and MS Word format. Any submissions that do not utilize the form will be discarded. This form should be filled out in its entirety for each nomination. Awards should be reviewed by the submitting compatriots Division Commander. The Division Commander or a compatriot appointed by the Division Commander should compile all approved nomination forms and send one copy set to SCV Chief of Staff (Spike Speicher – and one copy set to SCV Membership Coordinator Bryan Sharp ( at General Headquarters. The deadline for the submission of nominations for the 2011 SCV Reunion to be held in Montgomery, Alabama is MAY 17, 2011.

Point to remember: As with military awards, receiving an award should be revered as an honor for exceptional work performed to the Sons of Confederate Veterans at multiple levels. Submissions should not reflect attendance to a meeting. The criteria for awards are presented within the Awards Manual posted on the National SCV website ( ) under: Services - Forms and Documents. Read the criteira carefully.

Below are the addresses of the nomination forms on

David E. Rentz
National Awards Chairman
Sons of Confederate Veterans