Monday, February 14, 2011

SCV Under Leftist Attack

Sons of the Confederacy a Racist Group?
Historical Group Under Attack by the Left
Randy Inman, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Sep 13, 2009

Recently writer Jeff Musall wrote this article about Congressman Joe Wilson shouting at President Obama. In the article Jeff indicates Joe Wilson is a member of the "Sons of Confederate Veterans" which has been taken over by pro slavery folks (paraphrasing there). This of course falls back on the claim of many liberals that anyone opposing President Obama must do so because of race.

Of course some really do believe that people oppose Obama only because of the color of his skin. It never occurs to them that we really only are against Obama's politics. But many liberals use the race card to try to get right wingers to be quiet to avoid being called a racist. But I digress this article is really about the "Sons of Confederate Veterans", the South and even a little on the Civil War.

I live in North Carolina and am a history buff, particularly interested in the American Civil War. I have a connection to the war as one of my ancestors was the father of W.P. Inman of Cold Mountain fame. You can read about that with this link.

I think groups like "Sons of Confederate Veterans" mostly attract people with a love of history and southern heritage. And yes I can see where some racist white trash may be attracted to a group like this. But I honestly do not believe the group should be held in contempt for the thought process of a few of its members. That would be like saying all democrats are scum because of the far left members of their party who hate America.

Some love to paint the Civil War as only being about slavery and Abraham Lincoln as a saint. Both points are incorrect. This war like most wars was about money and power. Rich men got richer by selling arms and equipment to one side, the other, or both.

The average Union Soldier probably was fighting to preserve the Union. The average Confederate Soldier was fighting to defend his homeland and way of life. The rich on both sides stirred up the poor to get them to fight, something you see happen repeatedly in this country for all wars.

The rich slave owners wanted to keep their way of life and income, so they told the poor that the damn Yankees would destroy THEIR way of life. Newspapers on both sides stirred people into a frenzy to get the war going.

Abraham Lincoln was no real friend to slaves other than freeing them which was more of a strike against the Confederacy than trying to help slaves. Abraham Lincoln wanted to round up slaves and force them out of the
country. His solution was to simply send all African Americans out of the United States to fend for their selves somewhere else.

Lincoln also abused his powers by imprisoning people who opposed his views, had an illegal military draft and ignored Congress when it suited him. Sounds like a progressive to me. That is why the liberal controlled school system made Abraham Lincoln a saint.

I covered some of my interest in the Civil War and the Confederate flag in this article. It was a reply to Jim Stillman's attack on the Confederate flag in an earlier article. We in the south get labeled racists so often over the flag and other things, we ignore the term now. Racism has been watered down by so many false claims, that real racism can go ignored now.

The "Sons of the Confederacy" are not a racist group, but rather a historical one in my eyes. I will probably join them soon, if for no other reason, just because they are under attack by the left.