Sunday, February 20, 2011



Yesterday the SCV held a re-enactment of the swearing in of Jefferson Davis as President of the Confederacy and a re-enactment of the first raising of the 1st National Flag of the Confederate States of America. The sun shone brightly as the parade of over a thousand made its way up Dexter Avenue to the Alabama State Capitol. When the parade arrived, an opening prayer was given by Chaplain in Chief Mark Evans, greetings were brought from Alabama Division Commander Reames, members of the General Executive Council ( Danny Honnoll, Tom Strain and Gene Hogan), and A. J. Widowski, President General of the Children of the Confederacy. Adutant in Chief Rand served as Master of Ceremonies.

Following the greetings the crowd of two thousand plus was addressed by Lt. Commander in Chief Barrow and Past Commander in Chief McMichael. At this point the re-enactments began, with a brief address on the history of the events soon to be presented given by Past Commander in Chief Chris Sullivan.

President elect Jefferson Davis (Tyrone Crowley) then delivered the exact address Jefferson Davis gave in 1861. Also represented were Vice-President elect Alexander Stephens (Paul Bergeron), Judge Cobb ( Philip Davis) and Col. Jones (Lee Millar). The swearing in took place on the exact spot, marked by a star in granite of the capitol steps, as it did in 1861. Following the swearing in the first raising of the 1st National Flag of the Confederacy was held. Musket and Cannon salutes, which reverberated off the nearby buildings, were given following both the innauguration of Jefferson Davis and the raising of the 1st National.

At the end of the ceremony, a closing prayer was given by Chaplain Evans and the entire crowd was led in the singing of Dixie! by South Carolina Division Commander Mark Simpson. The 5th Alabama Band then played Dixie! accented by the firing of a final artillery salute.

The event was covered by the USA Today, the BBC, NY Times, German and Swiss TV and many others. See for some of the media coverage and photos of the event. Every State of the Confederacy and associated territories were represented in the parade and there were visitors who came from as far away as California to experience this historical recreation.

Stay tuned for more information about yesterday's activities, and make plans to attend the next Sesquicentennial event sponsored by General Headquarters which will be held in Richmond, VA in February 2012!

It was a great day in Dixie!

Deo Vindice!

Chuck Rand
Adjutant in Chief