Sunday, August 1, 2010


Notice for 2014 Reunion Bids

Bid packages for those wishing to host the 2014 SCV Reunion are due by January 15, 2011. They should be sent to Chairman Joe Ringhoffer at 1211 Government St., Mobile, AL 36604 or e-mailed to

Bidders should include in their proposals the cost of guest rooms at the hotel(s), any parking fees, host hotel flag-display policy, meeting facility layout, projected registration cost and any other pertinent information. This information is needed in addition to the bidders’ plans for tours and events and information about attractions in the area. Preliminary bids shall also include a floor plan of the space ( hotel or convention center ) that the bidder intends to use. Bidders should indicate what room they intend to use for each main convention function ( business meetings, awards luncheon, banquet, ball, army meetings, True Confederate History Talks, vending area etc.. )

The guidelines for hosting a convention can be obtained from Chairman Joe Ringhoffer at the e-mail address above. The Convention Planning Committee can also provide information on the numbers of delegates that attended past conventions, how many persons attended various events at the convention and the number of hotel room nights booked at past conventions to assist bidders in preparing their bids.

The place and date of the meeting of the Convention Planning Committee, where bidders will make their formal presentations, will be announced after receipt of the preliminary bids. For more information, contact Chairman Ringhoffer at 251-402-7593.