Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SCV Responds to ACC Breaking NAACP Boycott

For Immediate Release

Elm Springs, Columbia, TN
May 27, 2009

"The news that the Atlanta Coast Conference (ACC) has determined to bolt the boycott imposed by the NCAA at the behest of the NAACP is welcome news, not only to the ACC fans and supporters, but to fairness in college athletics throughout the nation." Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander- in- Chief, Chuck McMichael said.

The NAACP boycott and the athletic conference ban has been going on in South Carolina for about ten years. Included is a boycott of South Carolina tourism and businesses which has been denounced as dismal failure according to reports from the South Carolina tourism officials who have annually reported increased visitors and revenues from tourism.

The boycott was brought on by the NAACP after legislative negotiations which included black legislators, agreed on moving the Confederate flag from the capitol dome to the Confederate Memorial on the capitol grounds. At this point the NAACP changed what they said they said they were seeking.

Tournaments will now resume beginning with the selection of Myrtle Beach for an upcoming event.

Mc Michael continued "This failed program has exhibited the rankest form of discrimination, most fair-minded Americans saw it for what it was.."

The SCV Commander concluded "This is just the first step in righting a wrong. It is time for the Southeastern Conference to follow suit."

Contact Information:
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