Sunday, May 3, 2009

Notice to Division Commanders - Reports Due June 1

Compatriot Division Commanders,

In just a few months we will meet in Hot Springs, Arkansas for our annual reunion. At our reunions we distribute a book of reports containing reports from Division Commanders regarding the activities and accomplishments of their divisions in the last year. This is the best opportunity to inform the Confederation of what you have done in the last year and to establish a record for the benefit of future SCV members to know what was happening in the Confederation from 2008-2009.

Of course, for your division's report to be in the book, we need each division commander to submit a report. These reports should, if at all possible, be submitted as a Microsoft Word Document. They should be submitted without an attached letterhead - a standard letterhead will be provided for the reports. If you wish to submit a photo(s) with your report they should be sent as a separate jpg attachement. Please do not imbed photos into the Word Document.

The deadline for these reports is JUNE 1.

Reports should be sent to me at AND to Assistant Chief of Staff Terry Crayton at

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 318-387-3791 or at my gmail address.

I look forward to reading your reports and to seeing each of you at the Hot Springs Reunion.


Chuck Rand
Chief of Staff