Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Death of Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis: Death of American Patriot and Southern Hero
Calvin Johnson
November 21, 2008

What will Historians say about the Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan?

We should never forget the hateful treatment some people showed our brave Servicemen and women as they returned home from Vietnam in the 1970s. And, now, some people would malign the honorable name of the Confederate soldier and his ´blood stained´ battle flag. Isn´t it about time we to speak-out for our American Veterans, living and dead, and to proclaim that disrespecting some Veterans is dishonoring all Veterans?

There was a time when Union and Confederate Veterans were honored by the American people and the world. Before the invention of radio and television, parents told their children stories about their American ancestors. The history of those men and women, who fought under the United States and Confederate flags, was also taught in public schools.

Saturday, December 6th, 2008, is the 119th anniversary of the death of Jefferson Davis.