Sunday, November 9, 2008

SCV Dedicates New Grave Markers in North Carolina

New tombstones for two Gaston County brothers who fought in Confederate Army
One died in Battle of Chancellorsville, other got medical discharge, lived to be 84

November 8, 2008 - 7:34PM
Corey Friedman

CHERRYVILLE - Clad in a black mourner's dress with a veil and parasol obscuring her face, Linda Hoyle knelt before two ivory gravestones and adorned them each with a single black rose.
Musket fire echoed through the towering trees as a Confederate heritage group honored 1st Lt. John H. Roberts and 1st Lt. Adam M. Roberts, brothers buried side-by-side in the family cemetery.

The Dallas-based Sons of Confederate Veterans Col. William A. Stowe Camp No. 2142 placed new tombstones at the brothers' graves to ensure their names will never fade from history. Re-enactors joined distant descendants for a dedication ceremony Saturday afternoon.

"These men fought for what they believed in - first and foremost God, country and family," said Gary Byrd, commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. "This war broke out not - to the belief of many - over slavery. It was a defense of their homes, property, way of life."