Friday, November 14, 2008

Johns Hopkins University Heritage Violation

Compatriots, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Confederate re-enactors

SUBJECT: Heritage Violation, Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore Maryland

The Maryland Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy and the
Col. Harry W. Gilmor Camp #1388, Sons of Confederate Veterans sponsor an
annual General Lee and General Jackson Birthday Ceremony each year in
January on the Saturday nearest to the birthdays of Generals Robert E. Lee
and Stonewall Jackson. Over the years, the ceremony has included
participants from numerous hereditary, historical , military and patriotic
organizations including the: Baltimore Civil War Roundtable, the Virginia
Military Institute Alumni , the Virginians of Maryland, the Sons of Union
Veterans, the Friends of President Street Station, the Army of Northern
Virginia, Confederate Military Forces and a number of independent
Confederate and Federal reenactment units.

Every year since 1988, the Johns Hopkins University has rented the
Clipper Room in Shriver Hall, or on several occasions another facility, to
the Son of Confederate Veterans to hold our post ceremony social gathering.
However this year is different. The John Hopkins University has refused to
rent the Clipper Room, or any other facility, to our organization. The
sole reason given, per a Johns Hopkins representative, was that we are a
"Confederate" organization. Make no mistake about it, we were not denied
because the facility was unavailable, or for any other legitimate reason, we
were denied because of who we are. In addition, the Hopkins representative
stated that this ruling came directly from the President of the Johns
Hopkins University, Mr. William Brody.

The Colonel Harry W. Gilmor Camp has had an excellent on-going
relationship with the Johns Hopkins, Office of Scheduling for over 20 years.
There has been absolutely no problem over this long period of time. We have
always been good citizens toward Hopkins. We have paid our rent on time, we
have always left the facility neat and clean, and there has never been any
disturbance of any kind. A letter was written on September 22, 2008
outlining our long history with the University and appealing this
unwarranted decision. By letter of October 14, 2008 from President Brody's
Office, we were again denied.

Because of this unfortunate situation, I must advise the SCV and UDC
membership and the public at large that, should you decide to join us for
the January 17, 2009 ceremony, you must understand that there will be no
post event refreshments; and more importantly, no rest room facilities
available before or after the ceremony. In addition, the ceremony may be
substantially shorter than in previous years.

We are very sorry to report this to you, but feel that we must be
candid with all that have supported us over the years. I can assure you
that regardless of the number of participants and people attending, and
regardless of this unjust action by Hopkins against our Confederate
Heritage, the General Lee and General Jackson Birthday Ceremony will be
held on Saturday, January 17, 2009 at 11:00 a.m. at the Lee and Jackson
double equestrian monument in Wymn Park.

If you would like to contact President Brody to express your thoughts
on this decision, his address is:

Mr. William R. Brody
The Johns Hopkins University
Office of the President
242 Garland Hall
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore MD 21218

Phone - Office of the President: 410-516-4351

You may also contact him at his e mail address :


G. Elliott Cummings
Col. Harry W. Gilmor Camp #1388
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Baltimore, MD