Wednesday, October 8, 2008

High School Bans US Flag

High school's ban of American flags has students outraged

Oct 1, 2008By Jeff Gatlin


San Benito High School senior Jared Ballinger, who has completed basic training in the Army Reserve's Alternate Training Program and is set to finish advanced training after graduation, was driving around the campus parking lot this week with an American flag flying from the back of his truck when a school counselor flagged him down.

"I was told that flying any kind of flag, even the flag of the United States of America, wasn't allowed," said Ballinger, also noting that a school resource officer pulled up behind and took down his license plate number.

Ballinger said he's been told recently he couldn't wear a T-shirt displaying the American flag as well. "That's where I draw the line," Ballinger told the Free Lance on Tuesday.

While San Benito High School today implemented stricter dress code policies that bar logos having city names and other brands that local authorities have deemed associated with gangs, the rule against displaying any sort of flag - including the American flag - has been in place for several years. And it's not just the American flag ban that has stirred some controversy, as students at the school in the past on Mexican Independence Day have been told to remove Mexican flags.