Sunday, September 28, 2008

Deleware Living History Weekend

Marvel Carriage Museum, in Georgetown hosts Civil War Living History Oct. 4
Georgetown Historical SocietysThu Sep 25, 2008

GEORGETOWN, DEL. -On Oct. 4-5 , the Georgetown Historical Society will host its Civil War Living History Weekend. The event will be held at the Marvel Carriage Museum located at 510 South Bedford St., in Georgetown.
The Historical Society has planned a very full weekend of events. Our special features during the weekend this year will be our guest speakers. Once on the grounds, you will feel that you have actually stepped back in time as you get the chance to speak to and meet these special people. We are very pleased to have Dr. Phil Carpenter, PhD. return this year as “General Robert E. Lee, Army of Northern Virginia”. Phil has done exhaustive research on General Lee and always leaves his audiences as if they really have met the General.
It is also our pleasure to introduce “General Stonewall Jackson," as portrayed by Donald Willey. It is not often that you can speak with people from the past. This will be your opportunity to hear the General speak on his life, the war and his experiences during this dramatic time in our country’s history. After he has drawn you into the 19th century, take the time to meet the General up close during his question and answer session.
The Georgetown Historical Society is also pleased to have several members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Camp # 2068 on hand to give visitors information on the monument that honors Delaware soldiers who served the Confederacy. This organization also has a lot of information on how to start your own research in looking for your ancestors.