Monday, August 4, 2008

Tampa Flag Opponents Have Miserable Turnout

By Andrew Meacham, Times Staff Writer
In print: Sunday, July 27, 2008

TAMPA — Backers and opponents of a huge Confederate flag in east Hillsborough met Saturday to air their differences. After two hours, nothing appeared to have changed.

Community activists and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the group responsible for a Confederate monument on U.S. 92 near Interstate 4 and a prominently displayed Confederate flag to come, had some of the "dialogue" sought by organizers of the event.

But the flag will still fly. And its opponents promise not to go away. They also predict a backlash.

Alvin Mccray, whose Community Justice Forum sponsored the event held at the Alessi Woodstone Oven, said he was disappointed with the turnout. He had blanketed black churches with invitations and included four county commissioners. He had told activist Michelle Williams, who opposes the flag, she could invite as many people as she wanted. In the end, only 14 people showed up to listen to Mccray and six panelists.

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