Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Poll Results: How did you find out about the SCV?

The SCV spends a lot of time and money on recruiting and analyzing the results of recruiting efforts, which was the focus of the latest Blog poll. We had 107 respondents, and some interesting results. The highest number of respondents (28%) indicated they found out about the SCV by "Other", meaning that there's something going on beyond the usual expected connections that needs to be followed up on. Next was "On the internet" at 25%, indicating that we truly have entered the information age, and that the SCV needs to focus on its internet presence. "A friend told me" garnered a 19% response, and "A family member" 13%, came next showing that between them, 32% still involved a person-to-person connection, which has been a consistent showing in all our recruiting analyises. The rest: 5% said "Ad in a magazine besides Confederate Veteran, 3% "Read about it in a book or magazine article"; "Radio ad", "News media report", "I saw a copy of The Confederate Veteran" and "Billboard" all received less than 1% each, and "TV ad or Public Access channel" received no responses.