Tuesday, January 14, 2014

David O. Dodd Honored in Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, AR. (KTHV) - Sons of Confederate Veterans came together Saturday at Mt. Holly Cemetery to honor a boy martyred in the Civil War.

The group remembered David O. Dodd, marking 150 years since his execution. Descendants of confederate veterans dressed in civil war attire and marched from MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History to Mt. Holly Cemetery in Dodd's remembrance.

Past commander and chief of the SCV Chuck McMichael, of Shreveport, felt honored to speak at the event. "A young man like this--to have the honor to be the one to talk about him on such a big occasion--it's humbling because you know I've never been asked to make the sacrifice that he did, so you don't stand in his shoes, you stand in his shadow," reflected McMichael.

According to Arkansas.com, David O Dodd was tried and found guilty as a spy confederate spy in 1863; he was hanged on Jan. 8, 1864 and became known as the "boy hero of Arkansas" and the "boy martyr of the Confederacy."

Saturday's event was sponsored by the David O. Dodd Camp #619 of Benton. Everyone attending the Memorial was invited to bring a rose, carnation, or wreathes to honor the grave site.

Video of the Event can be see at: