Tuesday, November 5, 2013


SCV National Leadership Workshop

As we move through the challenging years of the Sesquicentennial, leadership training has become even more important to the defense of our Southern heritage. In an effort to insure that our members better understand the challenges of leadership roles and to aid our leaders in acquiring the knowledge to better perform their duties, the SCV has scheduled an ATM Autumn National Leadership Workshop.

This year’s event will be held November 16, 2013 at the Alexander Majors Historic Home and Museum 8201 State Line Road in Kansas City, Missouri. It will be hosted by the Major Thomas J. Key Camp 1920 Kansas Division. A tentative schedule for the day is posted below along with registration and lodging information.
Please note that this event will include relevant presentations and individual workshops for more specialized training for Commanders and Adjutants; however, ALL members are invited to attend!  

8:30 – 8:40      Welcome & SCV Protocol                            Cmdr. Spike Speicher
8:40 – 8:55      Introductions & Overview                             Lt. CIC Charles Kelly Barrow
8:55 – 9:40      Commanders & Command                           CIC R. Michael Givens
9:40 – 9:50      BREAK
9:50 – 10:30    Adjutants & Administration                          AIC Stephen Lee Ritchie
10:30 -10:45    BREAK   
10:45 – 11:30   Recruiting & Retention                                 Lt. CIC Charles Kelly Barrow
11:30 – 12:30   DINNER     
12:30 – 1:15     Vision 2016                                                   Vision 2016 Coordinator Tom Hiter, Ph.D
1:15 – 1:25       BREAK
1:25 – 2:10       Camp Operations & Success                         AIC Stephen Lee Ritchie
2:10 – 2:20       BREAK
2:20 – 3:05        Commander’s & Adjutant’s Workshops      CIC, Lt. CIC & AIC
3:05                   Concluding Remarks & Discussion              Lt. CIC Charles Kelly Barrow

Registration is only $10 each and will be handled through our General Headquarters at Elm Springs. You may mail a reservation with a check or call 1 (800) 380-1896 ext 209 (Cindy) with credit card information (MC, VISA or AMEX).

Marriott Courtyard Kansas City South                                                              Hampton Inn
500 E. 105th Street                                                                                            16555 Midland Road
Kansas City, MO                                                                                                Shawnee, KS
816-941-3333                                                                                                     913-248-1900
3 miles from the Majors House

Registration Sheet

Name________________________     Address____________________________________________

_____________________________     Email address_______________________________________

Camp number_________________    Check enclosed (  ) or  
Credit Card (MC, VISA, or AMEX) Number __________________________ Expires _________