Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Condensed Account of Feb 18 GEC Meeting

Condensed Account of February 18, 2012 GEC meeting held at Elm Spring, Tennessee

1. Reviewed and adopted minutes of 15 October, 2011 GEC meeting

2. Heard report of 2012 Murfreesboro Reunion Host Committee

3. Heard Judge Advocate report concerning certain aspects of Sam Davis youth Camp liability

4. Heard Heritage Defense report. GEC voted to place $10,000.00 in heritage defense funds at the disposal of the Kentucky Division to continue the Childress
case, which is due to come to trial within a few weeks.

5. Heard report of Budget and Finance Committee. Five requests for funds were heard. Two were turned down, one was approved pending receipt of matching funds, and two others were approved.

6. The GEC went into Executive Session. As a result of Executive Session, (1) the GEC voted to use the remaining "banner plane" time from Lexington in Richmond later this month, and (2) to accept a document from the Virginia Division regarding the disposition of certain property.

Meeting Ended at Noon.

After lunch several members of the GEC travelled to Franklin, TN, and toured the Carter House.