Monday, December 5, 2011

GEC Meeting Condensed Account

Condensed Account of the October 15, 2011 Fall GEC Meeting
Held at Columbia, Tennessee

1. Meeting called to order at 8:30 am and opened with prayer, pledge of allegiance, salute to the Confederate flag and reading of The Charge.

2. Quorum was present with 15 of 16 members present.

3. Minutes of the pre and post Montgomery Convention were approved as well as were the minutes of the GEC teleconference of October 11, 2011.

4. Executive Director Sewell gave his report covering membership, status of SCV endowment funds and the mailing of the Christmas merchandise catalogue.

5. Past CIC McMichael gave an update on the February 25, 2012 Sesquicentennial Event to be held in Richmond, VA and stated that the 2013 event will be held at Beauvoir.

6. Indiana Division Commander Gordon Flick presented Executive Director Sewell the Dr. Pits Meritorious Service Award.

7. Lt. Commander In Chief Barrow reported on the recent Leadership Conference held in Burlington, North Carolina and the upcoming conference to be held on February 11, 2012 in Monroe, Louisiana. He also noted the SCV ad to appear in American History Magazine.

8. Heritage Defense Chief Hiter addressed several recent incidents including misstatements by Glen Beck concerning the South’s reason for fighting for independence and the situation in Reidsville, North Carolina regarding the Confederate monument there.

9. The GEC approved a new bumper sticker design with a sticker to be inserted in an upcoming issue of the Confederate Veteran.

10. CIC Givens made comments regarding several of the many meetings and events he has recently attended. He highlighted the Leadership Conference held in Burlington, North Carolina and the “Sunny South Guards” flag presentation reenactment held by the SCV and UDC in Tampa, Florida.

11. GEC reviewed a draft of the proposed Sam Davis Youth Camps Operating Agreement and voted to approve a board of directors for the camps.

12. GEC approved a submission by the Disciplinary Committee of a guide to “Understanding the SCV Disciplinary Procedure”. The guide addresses the process and information that those contemplating filing charges need to understand as well as the rights of those against whom charges are filed. The GEC suggested more information be included on some specific topics. This information will be added to the guide.

13. The GEC heard a report on the upcoming reenactment of the Battle of Shiloh to be held in the spring of 2012 and presented by the Armies of Tennessee. The GEC voted a resolution of endorsement for the reenactment.

14. Past Virginia Division Commander Dorsey updated the GEC on the situation in Lexington, Virginia regarding the city’s restrictions on display of Confederate flags and plans for dealing with the situation.

15. The Budget and Finance Committee reported on three grant requests. The only grant approved by the GEC was for renovations to the S.D. Lee home in Columbus, Mississippi. The grant will qualify the home for extensive matching funds.

The other requests for grant funds were not approved due to the amount of funds already approved at previous meetings being very close to the total amount of funding currently budgeted.

Chuck Rand