Saturday, November 26, 2011

Battle Flag Commentary - Why the Hate Toward It?

Why do so many of the ruling elite despise the Confederate battle flag?
by Mark Vogl
Monday, March 7, 2011

One of these days you may be driving along an interstate highway and be surprised to see a huge garrison sized Confederate battle flag flying proudly. These flags are part of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Flags Across the South program.

The crimson battle flag with a blue cross and thirteen white stars is the most recognized symbol of the South, and the Civil War in America, and across the globe. In fact, if you think for a moment, does any other region in the United States have a symbol? Does the powerful northeast? Does the West Coast? How bout the Heartland? The answer is no.

Only the South has a regioal symbol, and even a quasi-national anthem, Dixie.

Three decades ago these symbols flew at NASCAR race tracks, at many college and high school football games, and Dixie was played as a fight song for many schools.

But somewhere in the 80's the ruling elite decided that these symbols of Southern regionalism and pride had to be erased. The excuse, that they offended black Americans. They made every effort to associate the Confederate battle flag with raciest organizations. Slavery was embraced as the sole PC subject connected with the American Civil War.


Any real historian will tell you that the only American slave ships which brought slaves to America flew the American flag! The slave trade was condemned as illegal in the Confederate Constitution.

And, once the US was created as nation, the US flag flew over the harbors, north and South, where slaves were brought to the United States. There was no Confederacy in those days, and there was no crimson battle flag.

So why is there so much hatred spewed against the battle flag of the Confederate Armed Forces? Why is the most recognized symbol of the South condemned?

Before I answer, let me ask another question. Do you know what the Stars and Bars looks like? No not the crimson battle flag, the Stars and Bars? This was the first national flag of the Confederate States of America. The Stars and Bars kinda looks like the US flag. It has a red, white and red bar, with a blue field in the upper corner. Usually, it is seen with seven stars in a circle. Yep, that's the Stars and Bars. The Confederacy had two other national flags, one was a white sheet with a crimson battle flag in one corner, the third was a white sheet with a crimson battle flag in the corner, and red bar running from top to bottom on the other end.

Ok, so lets talk about why the Confederate flag is so hated?

The Confederate battle flag is a very attractive, recognizable flag. It is the most recognized symbol of the South. Across the globe, many oppressed people fly this flag as a symbol of resistance. It flew in Berlin when the Wall fell. It flew in Afghanistan when the Afghani’s drove out the Soviets.

The Confederate battle flag makes Americans think about secession. It leads to discussions and questions about the principle of the "consent of the governed," and how that principle was completely ignored when Lincoln invaded the South. Before 1861 the legitimacy of the United States government rested on the sovereignty of the people and the fact that the states, as the representatives or agents of the people joined the union voluntarily. But, that ended with secession. For whatever reason, thirteen southern states chose to leave the Union. They left through democratic process and system. The people of the state, either through referendum, or through election of delegates to attend secession conventions chose to leave the Union.

And, when seven of those states joined together, they held a constitutional convention in Montgomery Alabama and drafted a new Constitution with many important changes. In effect, the South created a new system for American governance.

The ultimate right of the people was asserted. The people of a state, if they did not wish to remain in the Union could leave. If they did not want Obama care, they could leave. If they did not support a war, they could leave. If they opposed Roe v. Wade, or Gay Marriage, they could leave the union.

It was this ability to secede peacefully which acted as the single most effective restraint to the federal government over reaching itself.

The ruling elite despise the Confederate battle flag because of what it truly stands for, the original intent of the Founding Fathers in Philadelphia.

Take an opportunity during the Sesquicentennial to learn about America. Visit a local Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp and learn about American history. We encourage people to read primary sources concerning the creation of the US Constitution, and the actual events of secession in each of the Southern states. If you armed with the facts of what really occurred you might finally understand why there is such hatred towards the Crimson battle flag