Wednesday, August 3, 2011

IRS Filing Requirement

2011 IRS Annual Electronic Notice Filing Requirement

SCV camps with gross receipts less than $25,000 a year are not required to file an IRS Form 990 tax return; however, beginning August 1, 2011, the day after the previous fiscal year ended, all camps are required to submit an annual electronic notice by December 15, 2011. Your cooperation is requested as it is imperative for each camp complete this simple task in order to maintain its tax exempt status. Shown below are some simple instructions to assist you in completing the IRS E Notice requirement:

1. Obtain your camp's tax ID number and copy it into your computer memory or have it written down and readily available. GHQ can provide this number to you if needed.

2. Go to this site and follow the instructions:

Important Notice: You must register first, and then be patient and wait for the IRS to immediately send you a return email with a link for you to log back on line to actually complete the E postcard. If you use zip plus four put a dash in between the first five and last four digits.