Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Speakers for S.D. Lee Institute Announced


Dr. Thomas Dilorenzo – Academic Director of the Stephen Dill Lee Institute
Dr. Dilorenzo is an American Economics Professor at Loyola University of Maryland. He is a Senior Faculty member of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute. He is the author of 10 books, most notably The Real Lincoln, a scholarly and critical contra view of Lincoln. He has devoted much effort to combating scholarly historical revisionism and has spoken in favor of the legality of Southern secession.

Kent Masterson Brown – Noted civil rights and constitutional law attorney from Lexington, Kentucky. He founded The Civil War Magazine and has been a contributing editor to North South Magazine. He has written several books. His most recent is the critically acclaimed Retreat from Gettysburg, and has won the 2005 Coddington Award for the best book on the Gettysburg campaign. He is a highly sought after speaker on all aspects of the War Between the States.

Brion McClanahan – Ph.D. scholar and was the last of Dr. Clyde Wilson’s doctoral students at the University of South Carolina. Author of the acclaimed book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Founding Fathers. He has written numerous scholarly articles and has been a popular speaker on the Founding Fathers and the founding principles of the United States.

Dr. Marshall DeRosa – Professor of Political Science at Florida Atlantic University. 2010 candidate for the United States Senate in Florida. Adjunct Faculty member of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute. He is a Salvatore Fellow of the Heritage Foundation. His research interests focus on American founding principles. He has expertise on the Confederate Constitution.

Dr. Donald Livingston – Former American Philosophy Professor at Emory University. He is a constitutional scholar and expositor of the compact nature of the Union, federalism and states rights. He was instrumental in founding the Abbeville Institute. He is currently engaged in the writing of a book on the moral, legal and philosophical meaning of secession.

Walter D. (Donnie) Kennedy – Mr. Kennedy is a noted American author and historian. He was a 2008 Presidential Candidate and has co-authored with his brother 5 books on Southern heritage. He is a popular lecture speaker and has appeared frequently on national and local radio and television.