Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Articles on the SCV Blog


The SCV Blog is a tool set up by the SCV to post information from the SCV about events, activities, GEC meetings, important deadlines and other information designed to keep the work of the SCV moving ahead. It is also used as a platform to present news items of interest to SCV members, from news papers, television stations, and other media sources.

Sometimes the artilces from the media that are published on the SCV Blog contain imformation that is not historically accurate or opinions that run counter to those of the SCV. It is not the intention of the Blog to suggest that this information or opinions are those of the SCV. However to get a good understanding of a story or controversy it is necessary to publish "both sides" and the SCV Blog does this to give SCV members a reasonalby complete picture.

The SCV Blog has been contacted regarding having comments from SCV members on the Blog about published items - more often that not regarding those that contain information or opinons that they disagree with. The best way to counter inaccurate fact / opinion is to post comments, not on the SCV Blog, but in the comments section for the artice in question. Most pieces posted here have a comments section on the website the article came from and the links to the articles are posted on the SCV Blog at the bottom of each article to make finding them easier.

I appreciate the comments received regarding the SCV Blog and hope you find it interesting and informative.

Chuck Rand
Adjutant In Chief