Saturday, November 6, 2010

SCV Objects To Klan Abuse of Confederate Flag

Klan misuses Confederate flag horriblyBy Lee Herron
North Augusta, S.C.
Friday, Nov. 5, 2010

I need to ask letter writer Allen Smith ("Where are Confederate flag's defenders?" Nov. 3) a question: Would you have been at the Augusta State University protest if Confederate supporters came? No -- because it is much easier to remain in the comforts of home, while lambasting those for not doing what you are not willing to do yourself.

I watched the news and I observed a Christian flag being flown by the Ku Klux Klan. Why did you not decry the local churches for the Klan using the Christian flag as you did the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy? The official flag of the Klan is the U.S. flag. Why do you not decry the Veterans of Foreign Wars for the misuse of the U.S. flag?

Augusta Chronicle Staff Writer Adam Folk interviewed me the morning before the protest. His article was published on the front page of the Oct. 23 Metro section, titled "Confederate group will not protest at Augusta State." I told Adam that we will not join the protest because of concerns of being mistaken for supporting the Klan instead of protesting them.

The media have and will manipulate their pictures and video to make it look like we are there in support of the Klan. I told Adam: "Our intention was to counter protest the Klan for their use of the Confederate flag and the hateful way they use it. They've basically hijacked a flag of honor and are using it for their hateful purposes and that is wrong."

Hear me loud and clear again: Even though the Klan has a First Amendment right to use whichever flag they choose, I demand that they stop using and abusing the Confederate flag in any way, shape or form! The Confederate flag does not belong to them! It belongs to the Confederate veterans themselves.

Lee Herron

North Augusta, S.C.

(The writer is commander of Brig. Gen. E. Porter Alexander Post 158 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.)