Saturday, July 31, 2010

Condensed Account of Post Convention GEC Meeting

Post Convention meeting of the General Executive Council
Held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Anderson, South Carolina
3 PM Saturday July 24, 2010.

1. Meeting opened with prayer, pledge and salute to the Confederate Flag.

2. Newly elected CIC Michael Givens announced that Jim Speicher would serve as Chief of Staff.

3. CIC Givens nominated the following:
A. Dr. Hiter as the Chief of Heritage Defense.
B. Mark Evans as Chaplain in Chief
C. Burl McCoy as Judge Advocate in Chief
D. Chuck Rand as Adjutant in Chief

The newly elected members of the GEC voted to confirm these nominations.

4. AIC Rand conducted a roll call of GEC members. Quorum present.

5. Past Commander in Chief McMichael presented the Commander In Chief's flag to CIC Givens.

6. Frank Powell, editor of the Veteran, spoke about the immediate need to get columns in for newly elected officers for the Veteran. He also stated the next due date for articles is September 1, 2010.

7. Philip Davis, host committee chairman of the 2011 reunion in Montgomery, Alabama, gave are report on the preparations for the convention. ( Note: a website with convention details will be up by mid-August. )

8. Each member of the GEC was asked to send Adjutant Rand the email addresses they wish to use as their address of record for GEC business. CIC Givens also asked the Army Commanders to begin the process of compiling the email addresses of each camp in their respective armies.

9.. Ensign aide de camp appointments were announced. Chandler Givens, Evan McMichael and Joseph Lesser will continue to serve in the Givens Administration as they did in the McMichael Administration. Chandler Givens will be the Chief Ensign Aide de Camp.

10. GEC voted to authorize funds to support litigation involving the hotel and hotel owner that forced Bazz Childress to remove a flag from his window at the 2008 Reunion and had Compatriot Childress arrested.

11. James Patterson, host committee chairman of the 2012 convention, gave his report regarding preparations for the 2012 Convention in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

12. Army Commanders and Councilmen were asked to submit their nominations to serve on the Disciplinary Committee by Friday, July 30.

13. GEC held an executive session in which a matter involving the possible suspension of a camp charter was discussed.

14. CIC Givens announced the next meeting of the GEC will take place at Elm Springs on October 16, 2010.

15. Meeting ended with prayer and the singing of Dixie!.

Chief of Staff
Jim Speicher