Saturday, January 23, 2010

ANV Announces Scholarship

To Division Commanders of the Army of Northern Virginia:

I am pleased to announce that the ANV Russell Darden Scholarship Committee is ready to begin receiving essays for this years contest. The subject matter is "1860" - Prelude to War.

I am also pleased to announce that we have raised the scholarship to $2500. I hope this significant boost will spur more interest in our scholarship program. Please remember that applicants must follow the rules we have set out. Any deviation will result in disqualification.

Contact Brag Bowling at 1-804-389-3620 for a copy of the scholarship rules and guidelines and application form for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Army of Northern Virginia Russell Darden Scholarship in the amount of $2500.

Please give this scholarship email the widest possible distribution within your Divisions. It is important to cultivate young minds and also to promote the SCV. I think this scholarship is a great way of doing both.

Brag Bowling
Army of Northern Virginia