Monday, October 19, 2009



On Saturday October 17, 2009 the General Executive Council (GEC) held the annual fall meeting met at Elm Springs.

Below is a condensed account of the actions taken at that meeting.

1. Meeting opened at 8:30 AM with prayer, pledge, salute to the Confederate Flag and reading of The Charge.

2. Roll Call of Officers made. Thirteen were present and a quorum was established.

3. The Minutes of the pre and post Convention GEC meetings, held at Hot Springs, AR, were reviewed and approved.

4. Commander In Chief McMichael announced that an agreement has been reached with the trustees of Mt. Jackson Cemetery in VA regarding the financial support the SCV would provide. A large benefactor of the SCV asked the SCV assist the cemetery with some of the funds he left to the SCV. An agreement regarding this support was agreed to by the SCV and the cemetery trustees.

5. Executive Director Ben Sewell gave a report to the GEC outlining what maintenance work had been completed on Elm Springs. He discussed the increased rate of new membership applications and reinstatments of former members that GHQ has been receiving. He also stated that members have been making donations to the SCV Building Fund when renewing or reinstating their memberships.

6. Adjutant In Chief Simpson reported that the SCV had received two requests for funding of heritage related memorials. One request was deferred pending further discussion with the camp requesting funding. The request that was approved by the GEC will fund the procurement and installation of an historic marker for William Porcher Miles - designer of the St. Andrews Cross pattern Confederate Battle Flag - at the cemetery where he is buried in Monroe, County West Virginia.

7. Lt. Commander In Chief Givens discussed membership growth and the development of a speakers list for each division.

8. The Sam Davis Camp of Brentwood, Tennessee requested the GEC approve their proposed camp articles of incorporation. After discussion the GEC approved the camp incorporating. Note: the SCV Constitution requires any camp that wishes to incorporate receive the permission from the GEC.

9. The GEC approved two additions to the convention guidelines. The first requires approval if the host camp wishes to alter the schedule of events that had previously been approved by the Commander in Chief . The second addition establishes deadlines for reunion host committees to submit convention information to the Convention Planning Committee for review prior to publication in the Confederate Veteran.

10. The GEC approved a policy on the use of the SCV logo. The details of the policy will be published on the SCV Telegraph, SCV Blog and the Confederate Veteran.

11. The GEC approved allowing Dixie Outfitters ( who we have an agreement with to sell shirts bearing the SCV Sesquicentennial logo ) to also sell license plates bearing the Sesquicentennial logo under the same conditions as the shirts are sold.

12. The Hardwick Case in South Carolina was discussed. The Litigation Review Committee will review the case and make a recommendation to the GEC regarding how to proceed.

13. Heritage Defense Chief Frank Earnest discussed the offer of a donation of land located on Interstate I-95 near the North Carolina / Virginia state line to the SCV.

14. Rev. Fayard discussed plans for the ground breaking for the new Jefferson Davis Presidential Library at Beauvior. The ground-breaking will be on Sunday December 6, 2009 -the anniversary of the death of President Davis. More details will soon be forthcoming.

15. The GEC voted to establish the rules that would govern the SCV's Bicentennial Endowment Fund.

16. The GEC voted to allow non-SCV members to join the Sesquicentennial Society.

17. An executive session was held dealing with SCV employee compensation and one disciplinary case.

18 The Commander In Chief announced that the SCV had established a relationship with an on-line mall. SCV members who purchase items thru the mall will generate funds for the SCV. Details to be soon announced.

19.Commander in Chief. McMichael announced the next meeting of the GEC would be on Saturday March 13, 2010 at Elm Springs.

20. The meeting ended with a closing prayer and the singing of DIXIE!

Prepared by:
Chuck Rand
Chief of Staff