Monday, September 28, 2009

Notice For Amendment Submission for 2010 Reunion


In order to have the proposed amendments to the SCV Constitution and Standing Orders for consideration at the 2010 Reunion in Anderson, South Carolina ( July 21-24, 2010 ) published in for the May / June 2010 issue of the Veteran, they must be sent to Judge Advocate in Chief Chip Buckner earlier than has been customary in recent years.

Having the amendments in the May / June 2010 issue of the Veteran will put them into the hands of the membership in early May 2010 providing ample time for camps to discuss and consider their position on the proposed amendments.

To meet the publication deadline for the May / June 2010 Confederate Veteran, anyone that wishes to submit a proposed amendment to the SCV Constitution or Standing Orders must submit it to Judge Advocate in Chief Buckner by FEBRUARY 10, 2010. A copy should also be sent to Executive Director Ben Sewell.

Amendments can be submitted by email or by US Mail. If sent by email the date stamp on the email message must be on or before Februray 10, 2010. Amendments submitted by email should be an MS Word file attached to the message. If submitted by US Mail, the post mark must be on or before February 10, 2010.

Judge Advocate in Chief Buckner can be reached at or 11617 Hemlock Dr. Overland Park, KS 66210. Executive Director Ben Sewell can be reached at or P.O Box 59, Columbia, TN 38402. Please be sure to include your name, your camp name and number and your contact information on any amendment submitted. Executive Director Ben Sewell will confirm recepit of amendments submitted.

Please let me know if there are any questions regarding the submission of amendments.

Chuck Rand
Chief of Staff