Thursday, August 20, 2009

Grave Adopted by Grade School Student

Youngster adopts Confederate Grave

About a year ago, Jackson Lee Sulcer (above), 7, came to the Confederate Cemetery in Fredericksburg, VA, looking for a dirty grave. He happened on the grave site of Virginia soldier Samuel Davis, which appeared unkempt to the boy, so he decided to tidy it up.
"The [headstone] looked scraped and I was kind of putting spit on my finger and cleaning it off," the Stafford County youth said.

Since that day, Jackson--who was voted "history hero" in his Ferry Farm Elementary second-grade class--has become a frequent visitor to the historic cemetery.
About every other week, he checks in on Davis' grave to make sure it's tidy. He removes any weeds that may have popped up near the Virginian's tombstone, and brushes away any leaves that may cover the site.

On a recent visit, he placed a small Confederate battle flag at the base of Davis' headstone and made an arrangement out of pine cones. Then he paused and said a prayer for the fallen soldier.
Jackson has tried to find information about Davis on the Internet, but hasn't had any luck. Nonetheless, he believes Davis was a good man who deserves the respect of having a clean resting place.

"I've been wanting to do something like this for years," said Jackson's father, Jason. "I think the fact that he's remembering this soldier this way is amazing."