Wednesday, June 17, 2009

GEC Teleconference Held

Summary of GEC Teleconference:

On Friday, June 12 at 8:30 PM Central Time, a teleconference was held by the General Executive Council.

There were two items considered at the teleconference:

1. The approval of a licensing agreement between the SCV and Dixie Outfitters was presented to the Council. The agreement allows Dixie Outfitters to produce and sell t-shirts bearing the SCV created Sesquicentennial Logo. The SCV will receive royalties for each shirt sold. The agreement was approved and the shirts should be available by the date of the Hot Springs Reunion (July 23-25) at the Headquarters table.

2. The GEC voted to create a Roll of Honor medal for those Confederate Soldiers that were, during the war, placed on the "Roll of Honor". This is a separate award than the Confederate Medal of Honor that has been awarded in the years after the war by the Confederate Medal of Honor Committee. The Medal Of Honor Committee will be charged with reviewing applications for the Roll of Honor Medal.

Meeting ended at 9:13 PM Central Time.