Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Confederate Funeral Held in Jacksonville Florida

Wang Dang Doodle Funeral

Submitted by Tracy Collins
Mon, 03/02/2009

In their 33 years of marriage, Johnny and Rene Williams rarely followed tradition. So it was no surprise to family and friends that in lieu of a dressed-in-black somber burial, a party was planned.

Many of you faithful blog readers will be familiar with Johnny Ray Williams. Rene (pronounced REEN) is a featured blogger on Jacksonville.com and wrote "Johnny's Journey to Victory," sharing thoughts, scriptures, messages of hope and faith. Johnny lost his well-fought battle with stage 4 terminal lung cancer on Feb. 21. In life, the family refused to give up all the way to the end. In death, they still rejoiced in knowing this was not really the end, as Johnny was a lifelong servant of the Lord.

So at noon on Saturday, the "Wang Dang Doodle" funeral started at Ponte Vedra Valley Cemetery and Funeral Home complete with low country boil, a bluegrass band and high performance cars lining the driveway. If you didn't know Johnny at all - and I didn't - you couldn't say that by the time you left the Beaches.