Monday, January 19, 2009

Lee and Jackson Celebrated in Deleware

Sons of Confederate Veterans honor generals Lee and Jackson
The News Journal
January 18, 2009

In Georgetown, members of the Delaware Grays Sons of Confederate Veterans gathered to mark the birthdays of Southern Civil War generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. In Wilmington, thousands gathered to see Barack Obama -- the nation's first black president -- join Joe Biden for their inaugural train ride to Washington.

Wayne Yarnall, publicity chairman for the Delaware Grays, said the timing of the event was unintentional. It coincided with Lee's birthday on Jan. 19, 1807, and Jackson's on Jan. 21, 1824. It also came as Obama is getting ready to be sworn in Tuesday, causing some to see parallels between him and President Abraham Lincoln, who guided the country through the turbulent time of the Civil War when Delaware, like Maryland, were border states.

Robert B. Eldreth Jr., commander of the Delaware Grays Camp 2068, said he believes many people welcome the change that Obama represents. "As we see the change and the desire for change ... let us see the truth in history," Eldreth said during his address at the Georgetown ceremony.