Sunday, March 9, 2008

News from the GEC Meeting

The General Executive Council met today (Saturday, March 8th) at Elm Springs, the SCV’s beautiful antebellum headquarters. A few items from that meeting:

Deadline set for printing constitutional amendments in Confederate Veteran: April 1st is the latest that headquarters can receive proposed amendments to the constitution in order to have them printed in the Confederate Veteran.

Our affinity card program (SCV Visa Card) is ending, and the issuing bank is refusing to continue with the agreement as it has been. A search for a new card issuer was authorized.

The Friends of the SCV program certificate design was presented, and the minimum initial contribution requirement set at $40 (and $30 annual for ongoing). This is a program to recognize non-member supporters (they receive the Confederate Veteran and a nice certificate).

A sesquicentennial SCV logo was adopted that will be used on decals and pins.

$6,000 was authorized to pursue a Foundation Search Database Program. This will allow the SCV to pursue foundation grants for the many projects that are proposed each year. The SCV spends tens of thousands and more each year supporting historical and memorial projects, but there are always more. It is hoped this program will allow us to tap into much larger financial resources.

A total of $49,000 was voted from designated funds to support four projects: Confederate Memorial Park in Maryland, trail markers in Missouri, CSS Neuse II in North Carolina, and the Confederate Museum in Greenville, South Carolina.

Concepts for the future development of the Elm Springs property were presented by the Elm Springs Task Force.

The Public Relations/Media committee presented a number of areas of outreach, including, which shows anyone how to get government proclamations for Confederate Heritage Month, and multimedia projects that will shortly be released on the internet on an SCV Video site (think Confederate YouTube).

The GEC recommended the report of the Time & Place committee that the 2011 reunion be held in Montgomery, Alabama.

$3,000 was voted from Heritage Defense funds to erect a large battle flag near a busy U.S. highway (that it slated to become an interstate), near Uniontown, Tennessee.

These are just a few highlights; for more details, contact your department commander or councilman.