Sunday, December 30, 2007

TN Camp Unveils Morton's Battery Monument at Parker's Crossroads

Dec 27th the monument honoring Captain John Morton & his Battery was quietly unveiled at the Parker's Crossroads Battlefield (TN). This date was chosen as it is the 145th anniversary of the founding of Morton's Battery. The Battlefield Association looks forward to the monument’s dedication in June 2008 during “reenactment weekend”.

For a photo gallery of the unveiling event, please follow this link:.

NC Camp Gets Coverage of Efforts to Restore More than 100 Damaged Markers

Maplewood Cemetery contains dozens of toppled Confederate headstones that many would like to see either fixed or replaced.

David Newton, Correspondent

Desecration or deterioration? Which has left several dozen Confederate markers leaning and toppled in Maplewood Cemetery? The local chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is taking the first steps to replace or augment the more than 100 Confederate markers with larger stones that have a better chance of staying upright.

Full Story:

Thursday, December 27, 2007

AOL Poll - Was Lincoln Wrong?

There are numerous internet polls out there, many which are of little consequence more than passing curiosity. However, the question has been raised recently in the current Presidential debates - which has caught some momentum - of whether Abraham Lincoln’s war against the Southern states was the right thing to do. The fact that the question is even being considered means that Southerners and questions of states rights do still matter. AOL News has put together an internet poll which is a little more involved than the usual, with state-by-state breakdowns, and asks the following: Was Lincoln wrong to fight the civil war? If you have some thoughts on that question (and what SCV member wouldn’t?), go to:

and take the poll. Currently those who think Lincoln’s War that cost over 600,000 American lives was wrong are winning in a few states. If you think Lincoln should have sought political rather than military solutions, you’ll want to answer “yes” and then see how your state is doing before passing this along.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Descendant Fulfills Soldier's Wish - "Co. Aytch" Revised is Published


Staff Writer

Ruth Hill Fulton McAllister never met her great-grandfather, Sam R. Watkins.

But more than 100 years after his death, the Columbia woman has completed her ancestor's life work.

McAllister is the editor of a new version of Co. Aytch, the frank War memoir that is considered a classic in the genre and was quoted several times in Ken Burns' PBS documentary The Civil War.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

AoT Newsletter Online

You can download a .pdf of the latest Army of Tennessee Newsletter at:

SCV Lee-Jackson Day Events in Lexington, VA

Lee - Jackson Day January 19, 2008 - Lexington, Virginia

Honoring the Lives and Godly Character of Generals
Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson in their final home and resting place

Full story:

Florida Camp Gets Positive Press

Confederate Vets Group Research Their Heritage

By Dan Fearson of Highlands Today

Published: December 13, 2007

SEBRING, FL — David Poteat is proud of his family's Southern heritage, and he and other local people have formed a group to research and tell stories of their Confederate roots.

Full story:

TN Camp Gets Coverage of Cemetery Efforts

FAIRVIEW, TN — Members of Capt. Ed Baxter Camp 2034 Sons of Confederate Veterans in Fairview have purchased and are placing signs at area family cemeteries where Confederate soldiers are buried.

Full story:

AoT Meeting March 15 Lexington KY

AOT Commander Kelly Barrow is pleased to invite you to the 2008 meeting of the Army of Tennessee. This meeting will provide National SCV Speakers, good food, and good camaraderie with other AOT members.

Tentative Agenda:

8:30 Registration

9 am Opening

9:20 Our Financial Picture / Per Capita Tax Ben Sewell

10:00 How The SCV Can Make a Difference Ed Butler

10:40 Heritage Defence Don Shelton

11:20 Children of the Confederacy Rebecca Widowski

12:00 BBQ Dinner

1:00 Planning Events, Communication, and GEC Kelly Barrow

1:30 Membership/Retention Bryan Sharp

2:10 Beauvoir Larry McCluney, Jr

3:00 Benediction/Adjourn

Registration $15 (includes dinner, program, etc.). Must pre-register by 8 March 2008. 80 seat limit. Send checks payable to: John C. Breckinridge Camp 100 to: B. D. Childress, Adjutant JCB 100, 704 Pinnacle Ct., Lexington, Kentucky 40515. Phone 859.273.4985 or 859.338.7232

The meeting will be hosted by John C. Breckinridge Camp 100 at the Fayette County History Museum (old Fayette Courthouse) in downtown Lexington. The location is bounded by Main Street, Cheapside, Upper Street and Short Street. There should be sufficient street parking on a Saturday morning.

Lodging: closest to downtown (but more expensive) are #s 1 and 2, just a short walk to the meeting site. #s 3 and 4 are out Harrodsburg Rd. from downtown and are old Lexington establishments, slightly less expensive.

1. Hyatt 859.253.1234

2. Radisson 859.231.9000

3. The Springs 859.277.5751

4. Campbell House 859.255.4281

For men whose wives would like to come, the Victorian Square Shopping Center should offer ample diversion and entertainment during the meeting. The ladies are welcome to join us for the meeting or just for Dinner at the old Fayette Courthouse (new museum) for a $10 registration fee.

For those who wish and will be in town in time on Friday night 14 March 2008 – we will be gathering at [site to be announced] for a time of fellowship 6:30PM until we desire to cease.

Send A Note to the Troops

You can easily send a Christmas or "Thank You" note to our service men and women abroad by going to

The mission of Let's Say Thanks is to provide a way for individuals across the country to recognize U.S. troops stationed overseas. By submitting a message through this site you have the opportunity to send a free personalized postcard greeting to deployed servicemen and women.

The postcards, depicting patriotic scenes and hometown images, were selected from a pool of entries from children across the country.

All you have to do is click on your favorite design and either select the message that best expresses your sentiment or draft a personal note. The postcards are then printed on the Xerox iGen3® Digital Production Press and mailed in care packages by military support organization Give2TheTroops®.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The 2008 Liberty University WBTS Seminar

On March 28-29, 2008, Liberty University will present its 12th annual ‘Civil War’ Seminar. This year's program is entitled Reaping the Whirlwind: The Battle of Gettysburg.

Featured speakers include the following nationally renowned authors whose books are familiar to students of the War:

--Dr. Steven Woodworth--The Decision to Go North

--Drs. Darlene and Michael Graves-- The Gettysburg Address (A Short Dramatic Reading)

--Dr. Ethan Rafuse--Meade at Gettysburg

--Eric Wittenberg--Calvary Actions at Gettysburg: Stuart's Ride

--Troy Harmon--Lee's Command Structure on the 2nd and 3rd Day

--Dr. Brian Melton--Gen. Slocum at Gettysburg

--Richard Williams--The Spiritual Lives of the Commanders at Gettysburg--Lunch

--David Rider--Berdan's Sharpshooters at Gettysburg

--Tom Desjardin--Chamberlain and Little Round Top

--Dr. Brad Gottfried--The Artillery Battle at Gettysburg

--Dr. Steven Woodworth--Peettigrew's & Pickett's Charge

--Kent Masterson Brown--Lee's Retreat From Gettysburg

Other Featured Speakers Include:

--Dr. Brenda Ayres--Persephone in the River Phlegethon; or, the Women at Gettysburg

--Ben Marinak--Union Chaplains at Gettysburg

--Delanie Stephenson--A Brief and Shining Moment: The Life and Death of Jenny Wade

--Jerry Markham--The 11th Virginia, Company at The Battle of Lynchburg

In addition to the speakers' presentations, there will be numerous exhibits of Civil War artifacts and memorabilia for the public, vendors of Civil War items, and a special exhibit of Civil War art about The Battle of Gettysburg.

On the evening of Saturday, March 29, there will be a period ball with music provided by the 2nd South Carolina String Band.

The event will be held in DeMoss Hall on the campus of Liberty University which is located in Lynchburg, Virginia. Everyone is encouraged to secure reservations for this seminar by Wednesday, March 26. Admission to the seminar is $55 (which includes all of the seminar sessions, the Friday night banquet, and Saturday's luncheon). After March 26, 2006, the price for both days is $65. Admission for Friday only is $25; admission for Saturday only is $30.
Special Note: Students admitted free.

Admission to the period ball is separate: $25 per couple. Period dress only will be allowed. Special Note: Heal plates on period footwear will not be allowed. This will be strictly enforced. Special lodging rates at the Days Inn of Lynchburg are available for those who will be attending the seminar. For pricing and location of lodging, call 434-847-8655. For special group pricing for the seminar or more information, call 434-592-4366 or email or . Also, go to the website at <> .

Note: Liberty University is not affiliated with the SCV, this is given as information which might be of interest to SCV members.

New IRS Regulations that Affect Every Camp

The IRS has passed new regulations, which take effect in 2008, that will require each camp and division to file an e-card with some simple information on it. Before, any subdivision of a non-profit (in our case camps and divisions) that had receipts of less than $25,000 did not have to file any information with the IRS, and if it had receipts over $25,000 it had to file a 990 form. Now, even those with receipts less than $25,000 will have to file the e-card (Form 990-N). This form must be filed electronically (over the internet). It will ask for information like the principal officer’s name and address, tax period, and a declaration that receipts are less than $25,000. This will not be a complicated form, and can be done in a few minutes, but if a camp or division ignores this obligation, tax-exempt status can be lost. This is not a witch-hunt by the IRS, and the SCV is not being singled out: it affects all non-profits. Camp commanders will receive (or may have already received) notices from the IRS that this change will take place; these are generic and not directed at a particular camp.

Obviously, each camp will need to have someone with internet access to file (paper filing won’t be allowed). Otherwise, this shouldn’t be a major difficulty for most camps.

There are really just two things to keep in mind with the 990-N: 1) Don’t panic, it’s just a generic change in IRS non-profit reporting for next year, not this year 2) Be sure that your camp and division file the 990-N next year if you have receipts less than $25,000.

IRS Article on Form 990-N

Frequently Asked Questions on Form 990-N

Sample Notification Letter Camps Will Receive

Positive Press for SCV Camp in Parade

The Navasota Examiner - Navasota,TX,USA

Bedias Christmas Parade a big success.

The color guard was the Sons of Confederate Veterans Thomas Jewett Goree Camp 2129, Madisonville. It was so great to see all the flags flying!

Full article:

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Headquarters has been receiving inquiries from concerned officers who have received calls regarding a survey by the Internal Revenue Service. It is reasonable to wonder about any such contact, so Executive Director Ben C. Sewell III investigated and found the following:

The IRS has contracted with Russell Research to contact randomly selected small non profits (like SCV camps) to conduct a 5-minute survey. The purpose of the survey is to see how effective the IRS has been in getting out the word about the new E-Notice requirement that begins at the end of this fiscal year. This is the Form 990-N that each camp and division will have to begin filing in 2008 via the internet.

The questions typically asked in the survey are:

Is your organization still active?

What is your title and are you the point of contact?

Do you have any employees?

What are your annual gross receipts?

A) Under $1,000

B) $1,000 up to $10,000

C) $10,000 up to $25,000

D) $25,000 or greater (which is not who they want to survey)

The information gathered in this survey will be given to the IRS in aggregate totals, and individual camps and their specific information will not be identified to the IRS through this survey.

Bottom line: if you do receive one of these survey calls, Russell Research is a legitimate contractor hired by the IRS, and it is OK to answer the survey questions.

AL Monument Restoration Moves Forward After Vandalism

Restorative work has begun on the 109-year-old Confederate monument on the grounds of the Alabama state Capitol that was defaced by vandals earlier this month.

Full article:

Poll Results: How would you describe your SCV Involvement?

A total of 188 people took part in this survey, with 8% responding "Don't make meetings", 9% responding "Make an occasional meeting", 33% responding "I'm at a lot of meetings and events" and 48% responding "They can't keep me away". These numbers tell us that while active to very active members predominate in responding, which isn't surprising, there is a significant number, 17% in this case, who are not, for many reasons likely ranging from health to proximity, very active in local camp meetings who are still interested enough in keeping informed through means like SCV News and this blog.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Abbeville Summer School: “Northern Anti-Slavery Agitation




Saint Christopher Conference Center, Johns Island, S.C.

June 10-15, 2008

TOPIC. What motivated Northern Anti-Slavery agitation? Was it a moral determination to emancipate the African population and to work for its gradual incorporation into American society as social and political equals? Since this captures our own moral outlook, we are tempted to read those inclinations into the anti-slavery language we find in history books.

But that is not at all how James DeWolff thought of the matter. DeWolff was an anti-slavery Senator from Rhode Island, who opposed admitting Missouri as a slave State. He had been a world class slave trader before the trade was outlawed in 1808. His family company ran over 80 voyages to Africa and sold slaves throughout the western hemisphere. De Wolff never had an Amazing Grace conversion. But if his anti-slavery position had no moral content what was its meaning?

The Abbeville Institute Summer School will explore the main Northern anti-slavery critiques as they appeared in the Philadelphia Convention, the Louisiana Purchase, New England nullification of the war of 1812, the Abolition Petitions, the Missouri Compromise, Uncle Toms Cabin, and the agitation over allowing slavery in the West. The question to be discussed is to what extent did this agitation have as its object a moral concern to emancipate and incorporate the African population into the American polity and to what extent did it display quite different motives and objectives?

PLACE. Saint Christopher Conference Center which is on the beach in a beautiful palmetto grove an hour from Charleston, S.C. where we will visit for a day.

COST AND SCHOLARSHIPS. Single occupancy, three meals a day, and tuition is $900 a person. Double occupancy is $800 a person. Full and partial scholarships are available to college and graduate students who are encouraged to apply. Space is limited.

INQUIRIES. Send to Abbeville Institute, 478 Burlington Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga., 30307; phone (404) 377-0484, or

Note: The Abbeville Institute is not affiliated with the SCV, but often addresses scholarly subjects which might be of interest to SCV members.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

SCV Speaker in the News

Speaker: Blacks earned honor in Confederacy

By Grace Broyles

Special to the Reporter-News

Sunday, December 16, 2007

BUFFALO GAP, TX -- "A favorite son of the Confederates" is how H.K. Edgerton was introduced to a gathering of the Sons of Confederate Veterans on Sunday at the Buffalo Gap Historic Village.

Monday, December 17, 2007

SCV Makes News for Honoring Veterans

Veterans Honored By Confederate Group

SCV in Jonesboro Arkansas honors WW II vets

Arrest in AL Monument Defacement from SCV Tip


Arrest for Alabama Monument Desecration Results From Reward Tip

Elm Springs, Columbia, TN 17 Dec., 2007

A reward of $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s) of the desecration of the Confederate monument at the state capitol in Montgomery has led to the arrest of three 17 year old white juveniles according to the Montgomery Advertiser.

The reward was offered by the Alabama Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans who led law enforcement officials to the alleged culprits after receiving a tip in response to the reward offer.

The hands and faces of Confederate soldiers depicted in the monument were painted black.

Much of the work in restoring the monument to its original state has been completed.

Christopher M.Sullivan, Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans said "We commend the members of the Alabama Division SCV, for their determination to bring those who are charged for this crime to justice. We also praise the work of the Alabama law agencies that followed every lead up to the arrests"

He continued "The SCV believes any act of damage to any monument or memorial honoring the memories of our history should be punished to the full extent of the law."


Story attached, Mullinax, Montgomery Advertiser, 16 December, 2007

Three teens charged in monument vandalism

Contact Information:

J. A. Davis, SCV Public and Media Relations Committee

770 297-4788

Sunday, December 16, 2007

AoT Meeting February 16, 2008, Birmingham AL

Army of Tennessee Meeting

9am Sat, February 16, 2008

Birmingham, Ala.

AOT Commander Kelly Barrow is pleased to invite you to the 2008 meeting of the Army of Tennessee. This meeting will provide National SCV Speakers, good food, and good camaraderie with other AOT members.

Tentative Agenda:

8 am Registration

9 am Opening

9:20 Membership/Retention Bryan Sharp

10:00 Importance of the Adjutant Mark Simpson

10:40 How the SCV Can Make a Difference Ed Butler

11:20 Parliamentarian Procedure Joe Warnke

12:00 BBQ Dinner

1:00 The Operation and Responsibilities of the GEC Chris Sullivan

1:30 Our Financial Picture / Per Capita Tax Ben Sewell

2:10 Planning Events, and Communication Kelly Barrow

2:20 Beauvoir TBA

3:00 Benediction/Adjourn

Registration $12 (includes dinner, program, etc.). Must pre-register by February 9. 80 seat limit. Send checks payable to Camp 1372 to: Camp 1372, PO Box 43362, Vestavia, Ala. 35243.

The meeting will be hosted by Camp Fighting Joe Wheeler #1372 at their meeting place, “The New Merkle House” in Cahaba Hts near the intersection of I-459 (exit 19) and US-280. Take 280 West, through the light at the Summit Shopping Center, turn right at the next light onto Dolly Ridge Rd. Take the third driveway to the right after the first light on Dolly Ridge Rd. Park in the lower or upper parking lot, or park around the Cahaba Heights Elementary School next door.

For a map and detail directions see FJW camp website ( on the "Map to Camp Meetings" listing. The map also shows (5) hotels (with phone numbers) on Hwy 280 that are in easy access to the meeting place.

1. La Quinta Inn (shown as Baymont Inn) $59 single, $65 double

2. Drury Inn $99.99 King (no doubles left), or $124.99 two room suite (up to 4 beds)

3. Best Western (shown as Holiday Inn Express) $74 (ask for corporate rate)

4. Birmingham Mariott $119

5. Fairfield Inn $85

For men whose wives would like to come, the Summit Shopping Center should offer ample diversion and entertainment during the meeting. Other activities may be planned. The ladies are welcome to join us for the meeting or just for Dinner at the New Merkle House for a $10 registration fee.

Georgia Division Robert E. Lee Celebration

The Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans will honor General Lee, one of the South’s most known and loved men, by hosting the 201st Birthday Celebration at the Georgia State Capitol. This year’s speakers will be the SCV Historian-in-Chief, Mr. Charles “Chuck” Rand, III and Mr. John W. Oxendine Georgia’s Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner. Please take this opportunity to pay respect to a man that helped to shape American History. Refreshments will be served following the program. Business or period attire is requested.

Date: Friday, January 18th, 2008 Time: 3 to 5 p.m. Contact person: Kelly Barrow Phone: 770-412-1646 Email:

Thursday, December 13, 2007

An Interesting Perspective on Lincoln

Our readers might be interested in reading part (or all) of this interview with the author of a new book about Abraham Lincoln. Andrew Fergusson's the Land of Lincoln, is "a hilarious, offbeat tour of Lincoln shrines, statues, cabins, and museums," according to the New York Times.

The whole interview can be read here

The interview is conducted by, of all people, the National Endowment for the Humanities. Below, we have reproduced some of the more interesting parts where Mr. Ferguson talks about partaking in an SCV-sponsored Lincoln conference in Richmond

NEH Chairman Bruce Cole: What in particular started you on this book?

Ferguson: I picked up the newspaper one day, in 2003 or 2004, and there was a headline in the Post, or maybe it was the Washington Times, that said, "Lincoln Statue Stirs Outrage in Richmond." And to find the words outrage and Lincoln in the same sentence—it's kind of oxymoronic. The city fathers in Richmond, Virginia—the capital of the Confederacy—decided to put in a statue of Lincoln, and it touched off a firestorm. There were protests in the streets and letter-writing campaigns and ads in the newspaper.

This was so beyond my understanding of Lincoln and so alien to my intuition about Americans and our past. I mean, we're supposedly so indifferent to history. It's not supposed to stir our blood at all. We're supposedly so very present-oriented and future-oriented and commercial-minded and so on. And here in Richmond was a standing rebuke to this idea.

So I went down there. Two things happened. The anti-Lincoln people held a big anti-Lincoln conference. They brought in these scholars to sort of have a big hate against Lincoln.

I was expecting a bunch of crackers and hillbillies. But they were actually, you know, just regular ole American guys. They could've been airlifted off any suburban golf course in America and transplanted to this hotel in downtown Richmond. They were wearing the Izod shirts, the khakis, the brown loafers, you know, the native dress of my people.

Cole: Right.

Ferguson: They weren't stupid. They weren't even really hateful. And they knew a hell of a lot more about Lincoln than I did. And this was extremely unnerving. But the second thing was even more unnerving. To rebut these anti-Lincoln people, the Virginia Historical Society and the city fathers in Richmond put on a pro-Lincoln conference. They brought down their own Lincoln scholars to explain why Lincoln was great, and why it was such a good idea to build a statue to him. And they were terrible.

I sat there in the audience, hoping to hear what it was that Lincoln had done that was so essential to the country's greatness. And instead they would say things like, "He was very tolerant of ambiguity." "Lincoln was very non-judgmental." My favorite was, "He eschewed nationalistic triumphalism." And sure enough, the Lincoln statue that they were bringing in was, in fact, quite a small life-sized affair, very humble, placed at ground level. They loved the fact that it was so small and diminutive, because it showed us a sensitive Lincoln.

Now, I may not know, and certainly at the time did not know, that much about Lincoln, but I did know that he waged one of the most savage wars in our history. And non-judgmentalism is generally not high on the list of priorities for guys who wage wars like that.

I realized in Richmond that we'd lost the capacity, we'd lost the language even to describe his greatness. These pro-Lincoln scholars were his friends, and they couldn't tell you why he was great. I realized I was at the beginning of a story, not its end. There was a book to be written here about how we think of Lincoln, why we love him or hate him, what he means to the country at large.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

SCV Recognizes Congressman Virgil Goode

Virginia legislator receives prestigious Stephen D. Lee Award

The Sons of Confederate Veterans recognized one of the South's great patriots, Virginia United States Representative Virgil H. Goode, Jr. of Virginia's 5th District, December 5 during a special ceremony at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn @ Key Bridge in Arlington. Rep. Goode was presented the General Stephen D. Lee Award which is the SCV's highest honor for a non-member. The presentation was made by SCV Commander-in-Chief Christopher M. Sullivan .

Rep. Goode had been conferred with this award at the SCV's 2007 General Reunion in Mobile, Alabama.

"Virgil Goode earned this honor by conducting himself in office as our forebears and Founding Fathers would want their elected representatives to behave," said Army of Northern Virginia Councilman Brag Bowling in introducing Rep. Goode. "Congressman Goode has lived up to a conservative, states' rights vision of how the United States government should be run. With Virgil Goode, you know that he will represent you with honor, courage, dignity and sincerity."

"It would be hard to forget when Virgil Goode stepped up to the plate during the Lincoln statue controversy in Richmond by questioning the actions of the National Park Service," Councilman Bowling continued. "For this, he was criticized in the press but Virgil was proven correct in the long run."

In making the official presentation, Commander-in-Chief Sullivan praised Rep. Goode's commitment to "the permanent things." "Congressman Goode understands the importance of principle over popularity," Sullivan said. "He shows, everyday, that one doesn't have to sacrifice his ideals in order to be a success in Washington."

The occasion for the award was hosted by the Jefferson Davis Camp #305.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Camp Commander and Camp Adjutant Email Addresses

In order to allow a direct link from IHQ to the camps of the Confederation we are working on getting all Camp Commanders and Adjutants email addresses. This will allow the General Staff just one more avenue in order to get information out to the camps in a timely fashion.

We request that the Division Commanders forward this information to Deputy Chief of Staff Tom Strain at . This information will be greatly appreciated.

Deo Vindice, Tom Strain
Deputy Chief of Staff
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Monday, December 3, 2007

SDLI Credited in New Book

The Stephen D. Lee Institute, an educational outreach of the SCV, was credited by Marshall DeRosa in his new book, Redeeming American Democracy, as being a major contribution to his work. If you want to see what the SDLI is all about, the next Institute will be March 1, 2008 in Burlington, NC.

Year of Davis Events

The SCV has declared 2008 the “Year of Davis” to commemorate the bicentennial of his birth. There are two events that every Southerner will want to try and attend: The reopening of Beauvoir in Biloxi, Mississippi (June 3rd) and the Bicentennial celebration in Fairview, Kentucky (June 7th). To borrow reenacting parlance, these are “max effort” events for the entire SCV. More details will follow, but mark your calendars now, begin organizing your carpools, etc. You do not want to miss out on these once-in-a-lifetime events.

Spring GEC Meeting

The Spring meeting of the SCV General Executive Council has been set for March 8th, 2008, at Elm Springs.

SCV Logo Decals With Renewal

Once upon a time, the SCV gave a logo decal to members who renewed their memberships each year. At some point that was dropped, but a member recently suggested looking at reviving that tradition and the result is that the decals have arrived at headquarters, and will be sent to camps shortly along with their dues renewal receipts.

Stephen D. Lee Institute March 1, 2008

The Stephen D. Lee Institute is the SCV’s new initiative to combat the preset barrage of libels against the Confederate soldier and his cause. Institutes already held in South Carolina, Texas, Georgia and Virginia have received rave reviews. The next SDI will be held in Burlington, NC, March 1st, at the Ramada Inn just off I85/40. This will be an all-day event with some of the finest scholars of Southern history presenting the truth about the War for Southern Independence. Scheduled to speak are Thomas DiLorenzo, Donald Livingston, Brian Cisco and Clyde Wilson, exploring Yankee economic exploitation, hypocrisy over slavery, war crimes and violation of the Constitution. There will also be a special presentation on “The Myth of North Carolina Unionism”. Details to follow.

2008 Reunion Webpage Up

The host committee now has a website up where you can find pre-registration forms and other information about the 2008 SCV Reunion in Concord/Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina (July 16-19). Go to

Bids for 2011 Convention Solicited

The time is rapidly approaching when a meeting of the Time and Place Committee will be held to hear bids for the 2011 Reunion. If your Camp, Brigade of Division is interested in submitting a bid for the 2011 reunion please contact me no later than January 10, 2008 to express your interest in submitting a bid. You should then be prepared to have hardcopy and / or electronic information about the bid ready for distribution to the Time and Place Committee by February 1, 2008. The Committee will review this information prior to the meeting of the Committee. At the Time and Place Committee meeting bidder will be allowed to present their proposal. The Time and Place Committee will meet at a date / location to be announced that will reduce the travel time and expense for the members of the committee and for those making presentations.

For information on preparing a bid, submitting a bid or scheduling a bid presentation before the Time and Place Committee, please contact me at or call 318-387-3791.

Chuck Rand
Time and Place Committee